The Zolas and Liptonians Team Up for Split Single and Canadian Tour

The Zolas and Liptonians Team Up for Split Single and Canadian Tour
Celebrating their mutual appreciation for pop-tinged rock, piano-heavy Vancouver troupe the Zolas and Winnipeg quartet the Liptonians are teaming up for not only a Western Canadian tour, but a new split single as well.

The release follows both the Zolas' 2009 outing Tic Toc Tic and the Liptonians' quirky Lets All March Back in the Sea and finds the acts contributing one track a piece. The BC contingent deliver a new tune called "Cultured Man," while the peppy Manitobans deliver the likely deceptively titled "Destroy."

The single arrives October 11 on Light Organ Records, just in time for the groups to pump the mini-platter on their joint tour. The week-long road trip kicks off October 13 at Winnipeg's Lo Pub and finds the two outfits making their way across the Prairies and into the West Coast, capping the trip off in the Zolas' hometown on October 20. You can check the schedule below.

Tour dates:

10/13 Winnipeg, MB - Lo Pub

10/14 Saskatoon, SK - Amigos

10/15 Edmonton, AB - Wunderbar

10/16 Lethbridge, AB - The Slice

10/18 Calgary, AB - The Gateway

10/19 Kamloops, BC - Thompson Rover University

10/20 Vancouver, BC - Electric Owl

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