The Wilderness of Manitoba's Will Whitwham Lines Up Solo Album as Lake Forest

The Wilderness of Manitoba\'s Will Whitwham Lines Up Solo Album as Lake Forest
The Wilderness of Manitoba have been abuzz with activity, what with the Toronto folkies dropping their digital holiday EP earlier this week, but guitarist/vocalist Will Whitwham will be taking a break from his band buddies early next year to release a solo set as Lake Forest.

A press release explains that Lake Forest's upcoming debut Silver Skies, dropping February 14 via Verite Records, was conceived last winter, with Whitwham trying to write a song a day during his downtime. What resulted was a sombre, melancholic song cycle might not have popped up while jamming with his full-time gig, he explained.

"It ultimately delves much further into the introspective songwriter territory rather than the collaborative band dynamic," Whitwham said in a statement. "I started making music alone and always find myself returning to it and creating that way again. I'm writing all the time and can never really fit it all into one project because I feel like there is so much music out there."

The album's melancholic folk tone is allegedly inspired by a family cottage that he has recurring dreams of, as well as the Dave Eggers's novel A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. You can check out a rustic, heartfelt live acoustic performance of album track "Silver Stars" in a video down below, as well as a stream for album track "Autumn Skies."

Silver Skies:

1. "Cathedral"

2. "Autumn Skies"

3. "Whispers"

4. "Untitled"

5. "Escape The Moon"

6. "Teepee"

7. "Coming Through Slaughter"

8. "Birds of Prey"

9. "Silver Stars"

10. "Ohio"

11. "The Autumn Sun Will Set The Land On Fire"

Lake Forest - Autumn Skies by killbeat music

LAKE FOREST - Silver Stars from Mitch Fillion ( on Vimeo.

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