The White Wires

'WWIII' (album stream)

The White Wires
The White Wires' second album was called WWII, so it's more than a little appropriate that their third album is called WWIII. The LP will arrive July 31 via Dirtnap Records, and you can stream the whole thing right here at Exclaim.ca.

As a press release notes, this "mature" album finds the band "[turning] down the irony and [turning] up the sincerity." Funny, party songs are replaced by "confident, heartfelt pop" with a focus on catchy hooks. But while this album emphasizes earnest pop melodies, the sound is still driven by upbeat guitars and peppery garage rock rhythms.

With 14 songs in barely 30 minutes, only one of these punchy songs exceeds three minutes in length. In other words, the White Wires aren't about to waste your time. Oh, and in case you were wondering about how this stacks up against the band's past records, the press release promises, "It's their best one yet! We're not just saying that, either!"

Well don't just take their word for it -- judge for yourself by listening below.

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