White Lung

Local Garbage

White Lung
Featuring members of the Riff Randells and the now-defunct Automatic Fancy, Vancouverís White Lung combine the restlessness of Wipers-infused garage punk with a messy Kill Rock Stars aesthetic. Local Garbage, the bandís debut seven-inch, goes straight for the jugular, demonstrating the bandís ability to write classic-sounding punk songs with new ideas. "Local GarbageĒ fills the A-side with a plodding bass line that leaves room for the angular guitar and pissed-off vocals. "Breaking BoxesĒ starts the B-side with a more melodic approach, replete with infectious guitar work and a pulsing rhythm section. Finishing the record, "Amy White OutĒ builds off scraped guitar to create a song thatís both angular and memorable. By employing three unique ideas in such a short time, White Lung demonstrate their versatility and suggest big things to come with future releases. (Hockey Dad)
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