Tv On The Radio's Kyp Malone, Oneida's Kid Millions and Liturgy's Greg Fox Team Up for Occupy-Themed Album

Tv On The Radio\'s Kyp Malone, Oneida\'s Kid Millions and Liturgy\'s Greg Fox Team Up for Occupy-Themed Album
The Occupy Wall Street movement has led many to question their surroundings and the financial system, and many of those supporting the cause have come from the music community. From Tom Morello's on-site performances to the upcoming Devo and Yo La Tengo-featuring benefit LP, artists have been lending a helping hand to the rest of the 99 percent. Yet another politically motivated project has come down the pipeline, this time featuring members of New York outfits TV On The Radio, Oneida and black metal unit Liturgy.

As a Village Voice profile piece [via The Daily Swarm] on just recently ex-Liturgy drummer Greg Fox explains, he has teamed up with fellow percussionist Kid Millions of Oneida and TV On the Radio guitarist/vocalist Kyp Malone to record an album. Proceeds from the set will reportedly go to the Occupy movement.

The project so far doesn't have a name, and it's unclear just when they'll be issuing material, but according to Fox, the project is unlike anything he's been a part of, and has been jamming upwards of four hours straight. Considering the wrist-wrecking blasts he's know for, not to mention the out-there cacophony that Kid Millions has thudded out over the years, this could prove to be one intense listening experience.

More info will no doubt be rolled out in the near-future so stay tuned.

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