What is it?
Footwork, a faster variant of ghetto house, is a brash, syncopated, hip-hop infused sub-genre of house music from South (and West) Chicago replete with tight snares and plenty of hand claps. Often used synonymously with juke, some see footwork as a distinct genre.

Who's doing it?
Traxman (pictured), DJ Rashad, DJ Nate, RP Boo, Tha Pope, DJ Clent, DJ Spinn and many more.

Where should I start?
There are two Bangs & Works compilations released on Planet Mu that give a good overview. Also the Footwork Essentials EP by DJ Rashad and Da Mind Of Traxman by, unsurprisingly, Traxman.

What's next?
The influence of footwork can be heard in a lot of contemporary bass producers such as Chrissy Murderbot, Addison Groove and Machinedrum but no doubt Planet Mu will continue to release its trademark footwork comps.

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