The Church of Tiamat

TiamatThe Church of Tiamat
Tiamatís first DVD is a little subdued, even dour. Itís not that the band donít rock out, they do (and snarl and croon), but within a pervasive atmosphere of restraint. Johan Edlundís voice dominates the live footage ó a thin but intense production filmed in Krakow in January í05 ó and his sombre persona looms throughout the interview and retrospective commentary, reining everything in. Highlights include an encore performance of "The Sleeping BeautyĒ with guest Peter Tšgtgren, but the extreme metal that Tiamat once delivered gets little more than a nod. Yet even with its limitations, The Church of Tiamat is a powerful and welcome reminder of how good a band Tiamat really are. (Metal Mind)
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