Surviving Sublime Members Settle Lawsuit with Late Singer's Estate by Changing Name to "Sublime With Rome"

Surviving Sublime Members Settle Lawsuit with Late Singer\'s Estate by Changing Name to \
Sometimes a compromise can work for everyone involved, as the recent legal battle with the remaining members of Southern Californian ska/rock outfit Sublime proves.

Late last year, Eric Wilson and Floyd "Bud" Gaugh attempted to reunite and perform with a new singer in 21-year-old Rome Ramirez. He replaces founder and front-man Brad Nowell, who passed in 1996.

As previously reported, once Nowell's estate heard about it, they not only threatened to sue but actually had a court bar Wilson and Gaugh from performing under the Sublime name, as Nowell owned the rights.

According to a report issued by OC Weekly though, there has been a breakthrough in the litigation, with the band's surviving members agreeing to dub their new band Sublime With Rome, after new singer Rome Ramirez.

To editorialize, this works out well. We know it's "Sublime" but with a different dude singing. Moreover, he gets credit for stepping into a pretty heavy role. It's like truth in advertising.

The band already have 150 tour dates proposed, which they will announce soon.

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