Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley Teams Up with Editions Mego for New Ideologic Organ Imprint

Sunn O)))\'s Stephen O\'Malley Teams Up with Editions Mego for New Ideologic Organ Imprint
In addition to being a member of Sunn O))), Stephen O'Malley has worked with a slew of bands and labels through his multi-faceted career. Now, the drone metal master has unveiled his latest project: curating an acoustic imprint called Ideologic Organ.

The digital- and vinyl-only imprint is a subsidiary of Editions Mego, Peter Rehberg's forward-thinking label that specializes in electronic and experimental music. Of course, fans should expect the new acoustic imprint to be just as unconventional as the rest of the Editions Mego catalogue.

For O'Malley's first Ideologic Organ release, he has recruited Phurpa, a Moscow-based group that specializes in traditional ritual music. The album is called Trowo Phurnag Ceremony, and you can preview it over at Bandcamp (or listen at the bottom of this page). The album cover describes the collection as "Sacred Tibetan Music of the Bon Tradition." The double-LP will be out on June 27.

That same day, Ideologic Organ will put out Aestuarium, an album from violist Eywind Kang and singer/percussionist Jessika Kenney. Go here to pre-order and read more about both releases.

This isn't the first time that O'Malley has worked with Editions Mego. FACT points out that he has previously released music through the label and worked as an art designer.

This new imprint follows hot on the heels of Spectrum Spools, another Editions Mego subsidiary helmed by Emeralds' John Elliott dedicated to pushing sonic boundaries.

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