Sunn O))) and Boris Members Team Up as Ensemble Pearl for New Album

Sunn O))) and Boris Members Team Up as Ensemble Pearl for New Album
Back in 2006, stoner doomsmiths Sunn O))) and Japanese psych titans Boris delivered their tag team effort Altar, and some of the members have now got together for another effort as the cosmic rock supergroup Ensemble Pearl.

A press release from Drag City explains that the label will deliver the combo's self-titled debut March 19. The troupe is led by Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley, and also features Boris drummer Atsuo, Ghost/Boris' Michio Kurihara and William Herzog. The six-song double-LP also gets some help from experimental composer Eyvind Kang and Secret Chiefs 3's Timba Harris. Ensemble Pearl was tracked by Masato Suzuki, mixed by Randall Dunn and mastered by Bob Weston.

Sound samples have yet to arrive for the platter, but the recordings have been described as "cosmic heavy amplified rock," and apparently references Link Wray, Hex-era Earth and Tangerine Dream. It should be noted that the last three tracks hover between the 10- to 20-minute mark, so we could be in store for some epic soundscaping.

Ensemble Pearl:

1. Ghost Parade 
2. Painting on a Corpse 
3. Wray 
4. Island Epiphany 
5. Giant 
6. Sexy Angle
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