Strings Of Consciousness

From Beyond Love

Strings Of Consciousness
Strings of Consciousness are the gloriously ambitious petri-dish experiment of Marseille's Hervé Vincenti and Philippe Petit. The five shambling compositions on From Beyond Love are completely unhinged and sonically fascinating monsters, each featuring a different cluster of notable musicians. The impressive roster boasts appearances from members of Throbbing Gristle, Wire, Current 93, Oxbow and Pere Ubu. The 20-minute closing track even sees the visceral spit-talk of no-wave pioneer Lydia Lunch. Post-punk guitars clang around tortured brass squawks on "Sleep Walker," a sprawling psych-freak juggernaut that manages to squeeze in electric harp and double kick drumming without seeming gratuitous. "The Drone From Beyond Love" is an axe-swinging titan of thundering percussion and harried, maximalist instrumentation. These are supremely creative songs ― violently sexy, humorous and malformed extractions from some of experimental music's most delightfully twisted minds. (Staubgold)
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