Space Dimension Controller

Welcome To Mikrosector-50

Space Dimension Controller
Continuing the future disco-laden adventures of Max Tiraquon and Mr. 8040, Space Dimension Controller, as with his previous releases, guides listeners on a conceptual voyage through time and space on Welcome To Mikrosector-50. Conversational interludes provide the contextual plot for Space Dimension Controller's music, while Mr. 8040's encounters in aptly titled tracks like "The Love Quadrant" and "You Can't Have My Love" provide the mould for the unique blend of '80s-inspired space disco he favours so heavily. Welcome To Mikrosector-50 is an album designed for front-to-back listening and, as such, is entertaining in a similar fashion to a movie or TV show, given its detailed plot and narrative style. Concept albums of such directed plots come with risks though — often the music on Mikrosector-50 takes a back seat to the story. However, the moments in which tracks like "Rising" and "Back Through Time with a Mission of Groove" supersede the narrative in their detailed, funky depths are when Space Dimension Controller's ever-developing talents as a futurist/funk guru are made very clear. (R&S)
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