Shady Blaze

Green Ova’s Most Hated

Shady Blaze
Shady Blaze uses his words to empower. Like The 5th Chapter, his latest full-length from this past summer, Green Ova's Most Hated details the struggles of a kid from East Oakland, raised by his single mother, who learned the hard way that what makes you weak also makes you stronger, but this time around, he goes a bit harder. Shady has the potential to match a rapper like Twista bar-for-bar, though at times he paces himself. That way, when he does hit full throttle, it's more noticeable and sounds better.

Shout out to local Toronto crew Fameless for the wispy, R&B vibes of "Foul Times," and Guelph's Noah23 for the chopped bars on "Another Dimension 2.0." Other highlights include lyrics from the EDM-inspired "Objective-Get Rich" ("Real niggas gonna speak what niggas don't know"), and the piano-laden "Whole New World" ("While the police are getting away with murder … our government is on the other side of the map doing the same shit"). What's cool about underground rap cats like Shady is that, while A-list rappers divide their energy between rapping and politicking, guys like Shady channel everything into the music. (Green Ova Records)
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