Rose Melberg Unveils New Slumberland Release with Brave Irene

Rose Melberg Unveils New Slumberland Release with Brave Irene
Rose Melberg has long been a favourite among indie pop fans, performing as a member of the Softies, Tiger Trap, Go Sailor and Gaze, as well as putting out handful of solo albums. The Vancouver-based singer-songwriter is now fronting yet another new band, Brave Irene, who will release their self-titled debut via Slumberland on February 15.

UPDATE: The album has been pushed back to March 15.

The all-female five-piece, which also features Amanda Pezzutto from Apollo Ghosts on bass, formed in December 2009. Their album is being billed as an EP, despite offering a generous eight songs. It will be available on CD and twelve-inch vinyl.

Judging by the description over at Midheaven, the EP is a step away from the acoustic stylings of Melberg's solo work. It describes opener "No Fun" as a "fuzzy gem that recalls New Zealand legends Look Blue Go Purple in its organ-driven folk/pop groove." Closers "Good Ideas" and "Campfire" are said to be "uptempo tunes full of great melodies, jangling guitars and those bubbling organs"

Brave Irene's MySpace page is currently empty, but with the release date a good two months away, we can expect some songs to be released online soon.

Brave Irene:

1. "No Fun"
2. "River to Sea"
3. "Tangled Line"
4. "Bank Holiday"
5. "Longest Day"
6. "Hit the Grass Running"
7. "Good Ideas"
8. "Campfire"

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