Radiohead's Thom Yorke Scared of New Album, Gets Political Again

Radiohead\'s Thom Yorke Scared of New Album, Gets Political Again
Radiohead front-man Thom Yorke has revealed that the band are nearing completion on a new album. He states on Radiohead’s official website that he has a CD of material that the group have recently recorded and that he's "nervous” to take a step back and listen to it. Yorke writes:

"radiohead starts up again having finally caught up on some sleep next week i have a cd of what we;'ve been up to... and you haven't. yet. (sorry)

i must listen to it, after taking an ear break that always makes me nervous hope you're well"

Yorke precedes this announcement with a plea to the British public to have their say on the government proposed climate change law to reduce CO2 emissions. Yorke writes:)

"if you can be arsed you can take part in saying what you think the bill should contain this is a public consultation, as the government calls it (except when it's about nuclear power..)”
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