Punk: Year in Review 2010

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Punk: Year in Review 2010
8. The Menzingers Chamberlain Waits (Red Scare Industries)
Scranton, PA four-piece the Menzingers have a knack for writing songs that are as memorable as they are morose, penning the catchiest songs of anguish and doubt since the Alkaline Trio wrote Goddammit in 1998. Their signature dual vocals, pounding rhythms and Johnny Marr-inspired guitar leads are captured perfectly on Chamberlain Waits. Tom May and Greg Barnett's voices brilliantly slide from a haunted croon to a broken wail. As heartbreaking as these vocal performances are, don't be discouraged ― creative lead guitar work, gang vocals, and often danceable drum beats make this record an incredibly fun listen.
Aaron Zorgel

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