Prosaics/Tel Aviv Member Andy Comer Preps Solo Debut as Bloody Amateur

Prosaics/Tel Aviv Member Andy Comer Preps Solo Debut as Bloody Amateur
New York-based songwriter Andy Comer has done time in the bands Prosaics and Tel Aviv, but now he's going solo under the name Bloody Amateur. His self-titled debut album with this latest project is due out on March 5 via Teen Beat.

As Brooklyn Vegan points out, the 10-song collection was recorded by Versus member James Baluyut (also of +/-). According to an announcement, sonic touchstones for the project include the Feelies, Colin Newman and Felt, plus acts from Comer's Kentucky hometown of Louisville. The album is described as "a recording of dark and personal beauty — spare and assertive, intricate and electric."

For a taste of what this will sound like, scroll past the tracklist check out the mournful "Companions." That's the album cover above.

Comer said in a statement, "The record is about my trust in what, and who, I hold close. That thread runs through the songs — which are instinctive and direct — and into the choices I made, from working with Mark [Robinson, Teen Beat owner] and James to putting a painting by Michael Hainey on the front cover and a photo taken by wife [sic] on the back."

Bloody Amateur:

1. That's No Reason

2. Companions

3. Shed Some Weight

4. It's a Toxic Thing

5. There's a Time

6. Smell of You

7. Buffoons

8. The Light

9. What She's After

10. Ever After

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