Pop & Rock: Year in Review 2010

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Pop & Rock: Year in Review 2010
17. Wolf Parade Expo '86 (Sub Pop)
Long gone are the densely layered sonic landscapes of Wolf Parade albums past ― Expo 86 marks an evolution in sound, but not a change. It's Spencer Krug's manic-pop circus meeting Dan Boeckner's twitchy Springsteen revivalism in one sprawling album that's simultaneously more disjointed and more confident than ever. It feels less cohesive, but here, it's the songs that matter. "Ghost Pressure" can't stop the hooks. "Pobody's Nerfect" builds up a wall of sound only Boeckner can deliver. And Krug's "Cave-o-sapien" ― pay attention to those final two-and-a-half minutes ― is the prettiest piece of music this year. This is a band finding their sound without losing direction.
Josh O'Kane

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