Pop & Rock: Year in Review 2010

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Pop & Rock: Year in Review 2010
16. Sleigh Bells Treats (NEET)
If there was one record this year that begged to be turned up loud, it was Treats. On their debut, Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss borrow liberally from other genres, cherry-picking the parts that make you want to crank up your stereo. Miller, who cut his teeth in hardcore act Poison the Well, still riffs hard and heavy, but the guitars sound even more extreme thanks to the near obscene amount of distortion piled on top. Underneath, the percussion packs the kind of thump in the low end that would make Lil' John proud. It's Krauss, though, that shines through all of the noise, anchoring the sonic chaos around her with the kind of sweetly sung hooks that almost make you forget just how heavy this unlikely pop gem really is.
Quinn Omori

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