Pop & Rock: Year in Review 2010

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Pop & Rock: Year in Review 2010
15. Ariel Pink's Haunted Grafitti Before Today (4AD)
Chill-wave may not produce many long careers, but it did revitalize the career of Ariel Pink and his brand of "lower-fi-than-thou" bedroom recording sensibilities. Before Today is a hard-earned victory lap for Pink, not only the most triumphantly realized album of his left-of-centre catalogue, but a much-needed second wind for an artist who very nearly finished off the decade as another minor curiosity in outsider-pop's long lineage. Before Today is more pure and potent a record than most of what passes for indie songcraft these days, at once showcasing Pink's love of '80s pop as well as casting an unexpected shadow over a new generation.
Dimitri Nasrallah

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