Pop & Rock 2011: 30 Best Albums

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Pop & Rock 2011: 30 Best Albums
5. Destroyer Kaputt (Merge)
While not directly responsible for turning 2011 into the "Year of Sax," Dan Bejar did help usher it in with Destroyer's Kaputt. Dropping the increasingly standard folk rock forays of previous releases, Bejar and his West coast bandmates reinvented the Destroyer songbook with this sprawling LP, lathering it with splashes of European sophisti-rock, coked-up soft rock, new romanticism, smooth jazz and, yes, saxophone. Sure, it was a change that likely threw some listeners off, but for those who spend way too much time obsessing over later-period Roxy Music and Godley & Creme records, it was a godsend, as well as validation that the discount bins hide just as much treasure as trash. More importantly, it showed Bejar isn't afraid of reinvention ― something that sadly can't be said of most artists past the decade-in-rock mark. But do yourself a favour: pick this one up on vinyl. The exclusive side-long instrumental holds up as one of the year's best kosmische-influenced head trips, hands down.
Brock Thiessen

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