Parenthetical Girls

'Good Christian Men Rejoice, It's Parenthetical Girls'

Parenthetical Girls\'Good Christian Men Rejoice, It\'s Parenthetical Girls\'
Portland's Parenthetical Girls will be delivering their Privilege compendium February 19 via Slender Means Society/Marriage, but the band are also offering up some Christmas originals toute suite via their new Good Christian Men Rejoice, It's Parenthetical Girls EP.

The skewed pop act have been unfurling the affair throughout the Xmas season, but you can stream the EP in full down below, or download it via their Bandcamp page. While there, check out Zac Pennington's heartbreaking vocals on the flutes-and-tears-driven S.A.D.-rock opener "Christmas Mourning" and the terrifying and epic, nearly-thirteen minute spoken word soundscape "The Christmas Steps."

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