Neil Young

"Horse Back" (Crazy Horse jam session)

Neil Young
It's official, folks: Neil Young and Crazy Horse are back together again. Hot on the heels of some exciting news that the Neil had reconvened with his Crazy Horse pals, we've now got a taste of what they've been up to in the form of a lengthy jam session posted to Young's official website.

It's a 37-minute-plus jam session that finds the band in raw, raucous form as they tear through extended versions of some old tunes. As Thrasher's Wheat/Consequence of Sound points out, the band rock out to "Fuckin' Up" (which is played instrumentally) and "Cortez the Killer" with no shortage six-string fireworks. There's also a video that pans around the studio control room, which ought to thrill any tech geeks out there.

A brief blurb accompanying the jam notes that it's called "Horse Back" and that it was recorded by John Hanlon at Audio Casa Blanca on January 6 of this year.

Revel in the return of Crazy Horse by watching the clip right here.
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