Metal 2011: 18 Best Albums

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Metal 2011: 18 Best Albums
18. Tombs Path of Totality (Relapse)
Despite his rugged exterior and his seemingly permanent emotionally vacant demeanour, with Path of Totality, it was evident that the founder Mike Hill not only wears his heart on his sleeve, but also his inner turmoil. The third album from the Brooklyn trio is their best, filled with their signature sound consisting of a unique blend of blackened metal, '80s noise rock and sheer emotion that only comes with the weariness that only age can bring, but was met this year with an infectious vigour. One could chalk it up to stellar production and incredible drummer Andrew Hernandez, and Hill's first (and successful) attempt on clean singing on "Silent World." The title track, with its incredible, heavy riffs, makes you realize that you don't need frills to get your point across. Outside of the dark lyrics, and there is a heavy simplicity that hunkers down and urges the listener to temporarily enjoy the dark elements in life, but slowly gives you a way out.
Laina Dawes

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