Kreayshawn Promises New Album by the End of 2011

Kreayshawn Promises New Album by the End of 2011
Since going viral with "Gucci Gucci" and signing with Columbia Records, the only release that has come from divisive West Coast rapper Kreayshawn was the nude photos that leaked from her Twitter account. Now, however, she's promising that her debut album will be finished by the end of the year.

Speaking with the BBC, the American version of Lady Sovereign said, "It's going to be done by the end of the year, there will be a whole bunch of crazy sounds. I'm a queen of mixing up genres... I don't want to be known just for 'Gucci Gucci.' I want to establish myself as an artist. Save any collaborations with other artists for the mixtape."

If she actually does escape the "one hit wonder" tag and manage to outlive her 15 minutes, Kreayshawn has big plans for world domination. "Kreayshawn is definitely forming into a brand," she said. "I want to branch off into clothing, more music videos, lots of creative thinking. I want to do a book, a movie about my life."

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