El Mocambo, Toronto ON March 12

This Waterloo, ON three-piece easily gave one of the fest's most energetic and least affected performances. With the brother-sister duo of Cliff and Edna Snyder pounding away on keyboards up front and anchored by a live drummer, Kidstreet's sound embraces both '90s big-beat dance music and indie rock, hearkening back to the electronic-tinged glory days of their label, Nettwerk Records. Singer Edna Snyder's sublime vocals were the perfect counterpoint to the trio's percussive calamity, a ruckus that was further augmented by the addition of a second percussionist at one point. But while party-starting dance tunes are always a sure bet, it was the playful nature with which the three interacted (playing patty-cake with their drum sticks mid-song, Cliff forcing Edna to flex her seriously ripped biceps for the crowd) that really won the audience over.
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