Kevin Drew Weighs In on Controversy Surrounding Broken Social Scene's "Sweetest Kill" Video

Kevin Drew Weighs In on Controversy Surrounding Broken Social Scene\'s \
Back in June, Broken Social Scene unveiled a shockingly violent clip for the Forgiveness Rock Record cut "Sweetest Kill." The video, which shows actress Bijou Phillips graphically dismembering a lover with an axe, incited controversy when BSS member Andrew Whiteman recently said the video was "fucking literalist bullshit." Now, band leader Kevin Drew has spoken out in support of the clip.

In an interview with MTV News Canada, Drew said, "When this controversy went out and [director] Claire [Edmonson] sort of got hung out to dry by our camp -- that's not our camp. Andrew's entitled to his opinions. He plays guitar with us, I love him like a brother, but he was wrong to do that publicly. He knows it. We know it. We've hugged it out with Claire."

He added that the video is "100 percent backed by myself and by [drummer Justin] Peroff, and as we showed the band, some were into it, some weren't, but that's what happens."

As for why the entire group didn't have input from the beginning, Drew explained, "We didn't have time to go with our own vision, and a lot of guys from the band were upset about that."

See the interview with Drew below. Scroll past that to see the clip that started this mess, but be forewarned -- it's kind of gross.


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