Kanye West's Tour Merch Items Feature Confederate Flags, First Nations Garb

Kanye West\'s Tour Merch Items Feature Confederate Flags, First Nations Garb
Vancouverites didn't have a chance to see Kanye West last night (October 20), but if they had, they would have discovered some rather strange items at the merch booth. Reports have emerged that Yeezy is selling items featuring skeletons dressed in Confederate flags, First Nations garb and heavy metal-style typeface.

Photos posted by Complex and Kanye's fashion associate Virgil Abloh [via Pitchfork] reveal that various merch items feature logos including a grim reaper with a Confederate flag for a cloak, a skull in front of a Confederate flag, a skeleton wearing a headdress and more. These items include slogans like "God Wants You" and "I Ain't Comin' Down."

There are significant racial overtones in the lyrics on Kanye's latest album, Yeezus, particularly in the songs "Black Skinhead" and "New Slaves." Perhaps these items are intended as a continuation of those themes. In any case, they're bound to earn buyers a few more stares than your average concert tee.

Kanye is due to make up his Vancouver date on October 31. See the rest of his schedule here and see more of the shirt designs below via Upscale Hype.

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