Hawksley Workman Forms New Band with Hot Hot Heat's Steve Bays, Limblifter's Ryan Dahle

Hawksley Workman Forms New Band with Hot Hot Heat\'s Steve Bays, Limblifter\'s Ryan Dahle
The Canadian music world has a new supergroup, as quirky cabaret pop songwriter Hawksley Workman has started a band with Hot Hot Heat frontman Steve Bays and Limblifter/Age of Electric member Ryan Dahle.

In a tweet, Workman announced that the band is called Mounties. The group have a brand new Twitter account, and they wrote that we can expect to hear their first song soon.

Beyond that, we don't know anything about Mounties or their plans. We're not sure if they have any live shows planned, nor if their first song will be released in any official capacity. In any case, we can expect to hear more from them before long, so follow them on Twitter for updates.

Workman's most recent album was 2011's Full Moon Eleven, which was a reworking of his 2001 collection Almost a Full Moon. As for the others members of Mounties, Bays has been busy with studio work since Hot Hot Heat released Future Breeds in 2010, while Dahle reunited with Limblifter for shows and a reissue last year.

Read a full interview with the band here.
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