'Have Not Been the Same' Gathers Rare and Unreleased Material from Sloan, Skydiggers, the Pursuit of Happiness for Charity Comp

\'Have Not Been the Same\' Gathers Rare and Unreleased Material from Sloan, Skydiggers, the Pursuit of Happiness for Charity Comp
The Canadian music tome Have Not Been the Same was released in a new edition last year, and it later spawned a star-studded collection of Canadian covers. Now, the book has inspired another compilation album, this time for a proper hard-copy release.

On November 13, Pheromone Recordings will put out the album, also titled Have Not Been the Same, as a CD, double-LP and digital download. It features rare and unreleased music from a host of Canadian acts.

Among the artists included here are Sloan, Skydiggers, Weeping Tile, Doughboys, the Pursuit of Happiness, Change of Heart, the Grapes of Wrath, NoMeansNo and more. According to a press release, "The collection offers a treasure trove of long out-of-print and previously unreleased material, touching on every chapter in the book."

Co-author Jason Schneider (and Exclaim! assistant editor) said in a statement, "This has been part of the plan since the book was first published in 2001. I'm grateful to all of the artists for donating their work, and in many cases going the extra mile in giving me something really special that very few people have ever heard before. I'm confident that this compilation will shed new light on an era of Canadian music that is still in process of being rediscovered."

The album was mastered by Joao Carvalho in Toronto. All proceeds go to Kids Help Phone.

Have Not Been the Same:

1. Slow - "Have Not Been the Same"

2. Poisoned (Art Bergmann) - "Final Cliché"

3. NoMeansNo - "Dad"

4. The Nils - "In Betweens"

5. Doughboys - "Long Hall" (previously unreleased)

6. Rational Youth - "To The Goddess Electricity" (2011 mix)

7. Jane Siberry - "Symmetry (previously unreleased version)

8. Hunger Project (pre-Cowboy Junkies) - "The Same Inside"

9. The Pursuit of Happiness - "Wake Up and Smell Cathy" (previously unreleased)"

10. A Neon Rome - "Shatter the Illusions" (previously unreleased)

11. Change of Heart - "Smile"

12. Jr. Gone Wild - "God Is Not My Father"

13. Skydiggers - "When You're Down" (previously unreleased)

14. Crash Vegas - "Moving Too Fast" (previously unreleased version)

15. 13 Engines - "Beached"

16. Weeping Tile - "Pushover"

17. The Grapes Of Wrath - "Misunderstanding" (2000 acoustic version)

18. Sloan - "Lucky For Me" (previously unreleased version)

19. Jale - "Jesus Loves Me"

20. Bob Wiseman - "Gabriel Dumont Blues"

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