Gucci Mane Reportedly Sentenced to 6 Months in Jail

Gucci Mane Reportedly Sentenced to 6 Months in Jail
Things are going from bad to worse for rapper Gucci Mane, who recently opened up about his drug addiction and was arrested for carrying a gun and weed. Now, it looks as if Mane will be spending some time behind bars for probation violation.

According to papers uncovered by WorldWrapFederation.com, the rapper was booked for probation violation on September 16, just two days after his arrest on September 14. He was sentenced this past Friday (September 27), receiving 183 days (six months) in jail.

Beyond that, we don't have any further information, but it looks as if Gucci still has five open charges surrounding his recent arrest (three of them regarding the firearm, one of them for the drugs, and another for disorderly conduct).

Gucci has announced plans to enter rehab once he's through with his legal troubles.

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