Children of the Great Northern Muskeg

Alberta’s Peace Country and the Mississippi Delta come together for an album that can only be described as a bluesy hoedown infused with a Hidden Cameras-esque joyousness and indie rock eccentricity. Inspired by Creedence Clearwater Revival and Robert Johnson, self-taught musicians Shane Ghostkeeper and Sarah Houle bring Children of the Great Northern Muskeg to life using heartfelt vocals, free-flowing instrumentals and an urge to purge all musical whims. "Mr. No-Show” is a cute little upbeat ditty that pretty much explores the disdain felt towards those who don’t keep their appointments. Then there’s the funky bluegrass rock-out "Skippin’ Church” that kind of makes you want to play hooky with the Lord. Everyday truths are explored throughout Children of the Great Northern Muskeg, giving a little twist to the mundane while spreading smiles on listeners’ faces. (Saved by Radio)
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