The Gaslight Anthem

"Here Comes My Man" (video)

The Gaslight Anthem
Popular Mechanics for Kids alum Elisha Cuthbert seemingly trades up guy-wise in Gaslight Anthem's new video for Handwritten track "Here Comes My Man," though her newly blooming romance apparently only exists in her head.

The melodic rock unit's heartbreak-exploring, rag-tag jangler acts as the soundtrack to the actress's shitty love life. The vid starts with an uncomfortable car ride with her in-the-flesh beau, who slams a car door once he puts his whip into park, leaving Cuthbert to reconsider the courtship.

She grabs a ticket to a matinee and proceeds to watch a charming rom-com of sorts, and soon daydreams herself into an idyllic scenario. Her imaginary heartthrob — a handsome and chiseled-type — wines her, buys her a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and takes her to a carnival. Strangely, he also manages to stage a private screening of some recent Gaslight Anthem live footage.

You can check out the imaginary wooing (spoiler: her real-life dude gets left in the dust) in the vid down below.

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