Garageland: Warped Tour

Garageland: Warped Tour
If it's not clear enough in the four minute video above, this was the best time. We got to go to Pomona, California for the rehearsal date and first official stop of the Warped Tour. In a plane. Then we drank some beers, had some fish tacos, and generally enjoyed life amongst the palm trees and hairspray. There's nothing that can be said about this rad experience that this video doesn't. Except this: yes, if you're over 18, it's easy to bemoan the lack of "real punk bands" on Warped Tour. But Warped Tour is for kids. Like, fourteen year-old kids. Kids who don't get to go see the bands they love four nights a week at bars and clubs anyway. So the tour is always partially dictated by the taste of that audience, who hopefully come to see a band with auto-tuned vocals and "crunk beats" and maybe leave with a Bad Religion shirt or a black eye from the singer of Gallows. Warped Tour!

Gallows "The Vulture (Act II)"

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