Fucked Up Honoured with Their Very Own Breakfast Platters

Fucked Up Honoured with Their Very Own Breakfast Platters
Fucked Up haven't officially announced their follow-up to 2011's epic David Comes to Life, though the experimental punk crew now have a pair of platters exclusively for sale at Toronto eatery Sneaky Dee's. Breakfast platters, that is.

Today (June 12), Sneaky Dee's revealed two themed dishes in honour of the band: the Fucked Up Breakfast and the Queen of Heart Attacks, the latter alluding to a David Comes to Life track.

A press release describes the Queen of Heart Attacks as a "classic, unpretentious, tasty" breakfast platter, which brings bacon, ham, and sausages, pulled pork eggs Benedict, french toast, poutine home fries, sautéed mushrooms and grilled tomatoes to the table. As for the tex-mex-styled Fucked Up Breakfast, it serves up two enchiladas with eggs, peppers, cheese, and salsa mole; a flour tortilla bowl filled with beans, diced onions, tomatoes, peppers and slathered in cheese; salsa-covered poached eggs; and a bowl of chili.

Both menu items are going for $24.95.

As for a new album, last year the band told Exclaim! that they had half-finished upwards of 40 new songs, with guitarist Ben Cook noting that "this one is sounding a bit more punk and loose," while retaining the spirit of David Comes to Life.

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