Fucked Up

Hidden World

Fucked Up
Toronto’s Fucked Up have shown themselves to be in constant states of limbo, always travelling through unpredictability. Their music glistens with aggression but clings tightly to artistry, shimmering with intense downturns and blatantly angular rhythms. Fucked Up have become highly influential within the underground and Hidden World is, for better or for worse, a highly anticipated release from the band. Since releasing their first demo in 2001, Fucked Up have managed to put out a staggering catalogue. Their discography so far includes several seven-inch EPs, split recordings, and a mix-tape series, as the band chose to shun full-length releases. Now, Fucked Up have stepped away from their approach to releasing music by signing on with Jade Tree. This full-length is not only a departure in format, but extends the esoteric intellect that has been growing steadily out of Fucked Up for the past couple years. While at once embracing the gritty, frenzied approach Fucked Up have become known for, Hidden World also sees the band reinforce the need to push each song in a distinct direction in both musical and mental capacities. One of the first things that comes to mind as this album kicks off with "Crusades” is just how good Fucked Up are. Part of the anticipation — and perhaps anxiety — of the release of this album was that it would see the band adapt into stretches of melody and unconventional structure, but this pivotal shift in style only builds on the band’s unsettled history. As the album tilts and groans under the unbelievable sound and fury that Fucked Up produce on tracks like "The Two Snakes” and "Hidden World,” the exhaustive level of intellect that this band exude is ever present and just as subversive as always. (Jade Tree)
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