Following last year's stellar debut full-length, The Sum of All Fossils, NYC progressive death-grind trio Flourishing return with new EP Intersubjectivity. Featuring three tracks in just over 20 minutes, the band continue with their mix of death metal and grindcore, with Godflesh-style industrial ambience and Portal-esque dissonance. But Flourishing take it a step further, as the post apocalyptic-sounding Intersubjectivity contains an early '80s Killing Joke vibe and even more crushing, black and dark dirges. "A Living Sundial" starts the EP off with doomy, ominous rhythms and vocalist/guitarist Garett Bussanick's demonic growl, reminiscent of Obituary's John Tardy. "The Petrification Lottery" kicks things up a notch with crashing drums and unpredictable, odd-timed guitar work, clouded by thick layers of abrasive tones, while the closing title track features machine-like drumming and sludgy, heavy riffs. Harsh and muddy production adds to Flourishing's gritty sound, and with their ability to create unorthodox, awe-inspiring tracks with a combination of different styles, the resulting Intersubjectivity is both beautiful and brutal, pushing the boundaries of extreme metal. (The Path Less Traveled)
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