Festival D’été de Québec: Behind the Magic!

Festival D’été de Québec: Behind the Magic!
In our incredible tourism video last week, we explored a lot of what makes Quebec such a glorious place to live and visit. Trouble was, Fat Mike yelling at John Samson from the Weakerthans about cocaine doesn't really fit well into that context. Which is where this week's odds 'n' sods video comes from. Likely the strongest odds 'n' sods you've ever seen, though, right?

To start with, Joseph Arthur is the coolest, most rock star dude ever. He said it was likely he had been to Quebec several times, but couldn't recall a single one, and then he interviewed the flowers about truth. Awesome dude. Fat Mike is, not surprisingly, an insanely funny guy, and the first half our interview is actually just him making fun of the Flatliners, El Hefe, and Chris from Propagandhi. Awesome, totally non sensical. And John Samson is the sweetest young man, and one day I hope to raise a kid just like him.

Joseph Arthur "Honey & the Moon"

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