Fennesz Discusses New Projects, "In the Fishtank" Collab With Sparklehorse

Fennesz Discusses New Projects, \
Not resting on the release of Black Sea late last year, Austria's leading laptop artist, Fennesz has a full slate of activities for the the first quarter 2009.

"In February, I'm going to Tennessee to play in a festival [Big Ears '09] in Knoxville. And after that it will be Japan and then touring in Europe," he told Exclaim! in a recent interview.

On the studio side, he is doing some soundtrack recording, both for a work by experimental Austrian filmmaker Gustav Deutsch and "another soundtrack for a Japanese science fiction movie. That's really interesting stuff," he added.

In the can and ready for release, however, is "a record I did with Sparklehorse that's coming out on the Konkurrent label. They do a series called In the Fishtank where they put a couple of artists in the studio and you have to finish an album in two days."

The Konkurrent label, and studio, is shepherded by Luc Klassen, a former member of the Ex. Previous match ups have included Low + Dirty Three, and Sonic Youth + I.C.P. + the Ex. The Fennesz + Sparklehorse Fishtank session is due out in March.

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