Extra Happy Ghost!!!'s Matthew Swann Launches Astral Swans Project, Preps New EP with Gold

Extra Happy Ghost!!!'s Matthew Swann Launches Astral Swans Project, Preps New EP with Gold
Last year, Calgary songwriter Matthew Swann released Modern Horses, his first full-length as Extra Happy Ghost!!!, and now he's set his sights on a host of new projects. Not only does he have an Extra Happy Ghost!!! seven-inch on the way, but he's launched a new project called Astral Swans and is playing bass with the band Gold.

First things first: Astral Swans, a project the songwriter tells Exclaim! "is more song focused, and will be higher-fi, than any of the Extra Happy Ghost!!! recordings. There will still be some weirdness, but much of the anti-aesthetic that I've used with EHG!!! will be absent."

You can get a taste of this new style by listening to the chilly electro cut "Holly," which is embedded below. The song was recorded with producer Lorrie Matheson (Rae Spoon, Ghostkeeper, Samantha Savage Smith), with whom Swann will cut "another nine [songs] or so" in late June.

As for the new Extra Happy Ghost!!! single, this seven-inch will be released by Saved by Vinyl and will include two songs: a cover of Minor Threat's "Filler" that Swann originally recorded for Cokemachineglow, and a new "upbeat" song, according to Swann. The seven-inch could possibly be a split with another artist and is expected out sometime around October.

Meanwhile, the songwriter has been playing bass in the dream pop outfit Gold. He notes that the band "had a devastating winter," as Women's Chris Reimer had been serving as their drummer until his tragic death in February. As a tribute to their late friend, the band plan to release an EP of demos recorded with Reimer through Mammoth Cave Recording Co.

On June 21, Gold will also play at Calgary's Broken City with Shabazz Palaces and Prince Rama for Sled Island.

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