Egyptrixx and Thrush Hermit's Ian McGettigan Ready Album as Hiawatha

Egyptrixx and Thrush Hermit\'s Ian McGettigan Ready Album as Hiawatha
David Psutka and Ian McGettigan come from very different music backgrounds. The former hails from Toronto and releases dance-oriented electro as Egyptrixx, while the latter is perhaps best known as the bassist of Halifax rock outfit Thrush Hermit, though he also recently got electronic with Camouflage Nights. Now, the pair have teamed up to form Hiawatha and will release Language on September 25 through Last Gang Records.

According to a press release, Hiawatha is a "psychedelic-streaked project," and Language features a guest appearance from Ohbijou. Psutka said in a statement, "From our perspective, Language is a dichotomous record -- an exploration of pessimism and optimism; success and failure; concussion and tranquility. This album is a friendly nod to every empty promise of a happy ending."

For a taste of what's in store, scroll to the bottom of the page to hear the synth-spiked instrumental cut "Caring Less an Less to See and Know You."

Look for Hiawatha to play shows in support of the record closer to the release date.


1. Hiawatha
2. Glass
3. Old Black (feat. Ohbijou)
4. Dogs of War
5. Bella Coola
6. Miracle Language
7. Caring Less and Less to See and Know You
8. Permission (Part I)
9. Permission (Part II)

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