Download Amplive's Radiohead Remixes For Free

Download Amplive's Radiohead Remixes For Free
Music rights seem futile when it comes to remixing songs in your bedroom nowadays. With the rise of MP3 blogs, file-sharing and the bright spotlights of MySpace, no song it seems is safe from the unauthorised, homemade remix. Case in point is Oakland-based producer/DJ Amplive, who decided to pull a Danger Mouse and have a go at rejigging Radiohead's In Rainbows.

Titled Rainydayz Remixes, the eight-track project was completed and released to the public without permission from the band - which became a problem once word reached the members. Thankfully, Thom, Ed, Jonny, Colin and Phil saw past the legal mumbo jumbo and noticed a creative re-imagining their work with fresh ideas that includes new verses by Too $hort, MC Zumbi of Zion I, Chali2na of Jurassic 5, and Del the Funky Homosapien.

Now the music is available to download for free, complete with artwork, a history of the project and a nifty tagline that reads: "It's not up to you. It's free." Click here to download yourself a copy.

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