Doomriders and Disfear Release Split, Tour Europe

Doomriders and Disfear Release Split, Tour Europe
Boston’s Doomriders (pictured), featuring Converge’s Nate Newton, have announced they’ll be releasing a split seven-inch EP with European d-beat sensations Disfear. The European release of the record will be handled by Disfear’s label, creatively called Disfear Records, while the North American release will come courtesy of Deathwish, Inc..

The record is set to include the Doomriders song "Crooked Path” and the Disfear track "Fear and Trembling.” This is the first release from Doomriders since last year’s split with Boris. Disfear released Live The Storm earlier this year. The bands are set to tour Europe beginning at the end of October throughout the first half of November.

Doomriders "Black Thunder” (live)
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