Donovan Woods

The Hold Up

Donovan WoodsThe Hold Up
Sparse and intimate, Donovan Woods’ The Hold Up feels like you’ve joined him in a closet full of winter coats so that he can whisper a few anecdotes that belong in your ears only. Though occasionally punctuated with some lightly plucked banjo, sad piano or a quick boost of volume, this record is all about Woods’ voice, which rarely rises above a murmur. At times adorable, hilarious and frequently moving, tracks such as "He Drinks Gas” and "My Cousin Has A Grey Cup Ring” display wonderful lyrical gifts as Woods airs his neuroses about his shortcomings and wraps them in such a flawlessly charming package that it’s impossible not to root for him. This is an engaging and articulate window into the heart of an extremely unique writer. (Sunny Lane)
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