Dig Into Reviews of 'Dark Shadows,' 'Sound of My Voice,' 'Edwin Boyd' and More in Our Film Roundup

Dig Into Reviews of 'Dark Shadows,' 'Sound of My Voice,' 'Edwin Boyd' and More in Our Film Roundup
If you're thinking of heading to the theatre this weekend, Exclaim! has all the reviews you'll need to find the week's best new releases. Check out the highlights below, and take a look at the Recently Reviewed section for full reviews on the newest films.

Undoubtedly the biggest title at the box office this week, Dark Shadows (pictured) sees the team of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp working together once again. The Burton-directed movie follows Barnabas Collins (Depp), an imprisoned vampire who, once set free, returns home to his relatives in the '70s.

Next, a young couple (Christopher Denham and Nicole Vicius) descend into suburbia hoping to uncover a cult in Zal Batmanglij's Sound of My Voice, while Edwin Boyd follows the exploits of one of Canada's most notorious bank robbers.

Meanwhile, Thierry Binisti's melodramatic A Bottle in the Gaza Sea follows an intriguing online relationship between an Israeli girl and a Palestinian boy, and in director Yung Chang's documentary China Heavyweight young boxers in the country's Huili County compete and train, balancing Olympic aspirations with traditional expectations.

Lastly, Big Boys Gone Bananas!* documents the outrageous measures taken by Dole to prevent the release of a controversial film focused on the company's use of pesticides.

To read full reviews of these films and more, check out the Recently Reviewed section at Exclaim.ca.

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