Demon Hunter

The Triptych

Demon HunterThe Triptych
Album number three for this gaggle of God guys, and sadly, their sound has become so generic and overdone by other God-fearing, Warped tour-loving mall-goers that listening to this admittedly solid disc is difficult. Sure, the clean choruses sound nice and the heavy verses pack a punch in the way that Living Sacrifice made safe for all church-goers to bang thy head to, but there are too many bands doing this. While Demon Hunter do manage to think outside the box with some daring experimentation, just as they always have, itís too bogged down by images of faux-punks with faux-hawks and bands trying to break deals with big labels. And those post-Pantera groove riffs with the little blasts of post-Botch metalcore squeals are officially old news. Itís no fault of Demon Hunterís, but hopefully next time around theyíll break away from this new wave of crap and utilise their impressive talents to create something new. Cool to hear a cover of Prongís classic "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck,Ē and I dig the ballads, oddly. Ballads? Christ, this is the new glam, eyeliner and all. (Solid State)
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