Deadmau5 vs. Skrillex, Weakerthans' New Album Plans and the Grammy Awards Aftermath in This Week's News Roundup

Deadmau5 vs. Skrillex, Weakerthans\' New Album Plans and the Grammy Awards Aftermath in This Week\'s News Roundup
As some of Canada gets set to enjoy a much-deserved long weekend, we've gathered up the week's top stories for another instalment in our news roundup. So if you're looking to get back on top of things, keep on reading.

First up, the recent Grammys, which saw acts like Bon Iver, Adele and Kanye West take home some glorified statuettes last weekend. Of course, the awards show sparked a series of news stories in the days that followed, including deadmau5 pranking Skrillex by very publicly sharing dude's phone number, Nicki Minaj explaining her out-there awards performance was all part of some new film project and a whole lot of people asking who Bonny Bear was.

Then we got perhaps one of the strangest news stories of the year so far when we learned Jamie Oliver discovered a bunch of Joy Division and New Order master tapes in the basement of his new restaurant. Also, Thom Yorke may have himself a new alias, James Mercer shed more light on the Shins new album in an Exclaim! interview, and Black Sabbath were forced to cancel essentially all their reunion dates (yep, things just keep getting worse and worse).

There was some exciting Canadian music news this week as well. Cold Specks announced her debut album, Black Mountain detailed their Year Zero soundtrack, Grimes told us all about her Visions and John K. Samson revealed his plans for a new Weakerthans full-length, which would mark their first studio album in years.
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