David Lynch Preps New 12-Inch, Gets Venetian Snares for Remix

David Lynch Preps New 12-Inch, Gets Venetian Snares for Remix
Following this summer's The Big Dream album, musically minded film director David Lynch is preparing to release a 12-inch single in time for the holidays. "Bad the John Boy" is out on November 12 through Sacred Bones Records.

A press release notes that, while the song was recorded around the same time as The Big Dream, it isn't really an outtake since it was conceived as a separate project and was never considered for the album.

Producer Dean Hurley said in a statement, "It wasn't really recorded with the LP in mind, but it was done around the end of last year when the bulk of the album was being made. It was earmarked for something else entirely, but that thing didn't happen in a way that required the song... so up until now, it was 'a song with no home.'"

The B-side is a remix of "The Big Dream" by Venetian Snares. It's apparently a creepy cut, since Hurley described it as "music for the end crawl of a bootlegged sci-fi/horror film that you borrowed from your friend's older brother and caused you to realize for the first time that you were actually scared in broad daylight."

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