Dance & Electronic 2011: 20 Best Albums

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Dance & Electronic 2011: 20 Best Albums
18. Miracle Fortress Was I The Wave? (Secret City)
If you told a Miracle Fortress fan a few years back that Graham Van Pelt would be reinventing himself as a beat-loving electro-pop artist, they would have likely stared at you in shock and disbelief. But that's exactly what happened with this year's Was I the Wave? Taking a sharp left turn from 2007's indie rock-styled Five Roses, the Montreal songwriter pulled a full-on metamorphosis with its follow-up, and the move ― along with that excruciatingly long wait ― was well worth it. Combing ear-grasping melodies with melancholic, dance-ready instrumental backdrops, Van Pelt took his project to new heights with Was I the Wave?, not only proving lightning can strike twice, but that game-changing gambles are well worth it when they pay off so nicely. Sure, our "bedroom club" term may not have taken off in 2011, but we stand by our definition of Miracle Fortress's newfound inner sound. Rarely has electronic music come across as personal and from the heart as it does on Was I the Wave?
Brock Thiessen

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