Dan Snaith's Daphni Returns with New 12-Inch

Dan Snaith's Daphni Returns with New 12-Inch
Earlier this year, Caribou mastermind Dan Snaith unveiled his new Daphni persona, and with it a few releases. Putting to rest the idea that his recent Daphni Edits Volume 1 was just a clever name, a newly announce second volume confirms Snaith is in the throes of releasing a series of remix twelve-inches.

Like the first edition, Daphni Edits Volume 2 is being released by the Resista imprint and features a couple of tunes re-edited or remixed by the artist. First up is "Hypersphere," originally performed by New Zealand psychedelic disco outfit Orchestra of Spheres and juiced up on the twelve-inch by Daphni. According to the press release, "Daphni masterfully extends it, adds his arsenal of effects and generally boosts its inherent psych and left-field dance-floor appeal."

The B-side includes a West African jam called "Baladins," featuring "syncopated drums, masterful melodic guitar riffs and general feel-good summer vibes." Apparently, Daphni restores the dance-floor shuffler masterfully. "We've never heard a state-sponsored dance-music orchestra sound so good!" the press statement exclaims.

You can hear snippets of both songs here.

Thanks to FACT for the tip.

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